Australian ‘Road Trains’ – The Biggest, Longest Trucks In The World!


Australia. A strange country. Sure, the people are nice and the weather’s lovely. But it’s a treacherous place, with untold numbers of snakes and spiders and things to watch out for. Not only that, but place is HUGE. Cities are scattered along its coastlines, with thousands of miles between them sometimes…

It makes logistics a bit of a nightmare. The normal transport systems used in other countries don’t always do the job. So they had to come up with something special. And they have. Australian road trains. They’re used to move large groups of cattle or other things across the unbelievably long roads of the place.

Several trailers are joined together to make one giant ‘road train’. And they’re really do make for spectacular viewing! The C3 – below – is also known as ‘The Centipede’… Have a little look for yourself… then imagine having to take a corner in one (not that there are many corners there!).

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