10 Year-Old Girl Feeds Some Of The Scariest Snakes – Without Even Flinching!


Krista Guarino is only ten years old. Now, most ten year-old girls would, understandably, be more than a little squeamish at the prospect of a room full of snakes. Hey – plenty of grown ups would to. But Katie Guarino’s no ordinary girl. Well, she is – she’s just a lover of snakes as well! She gets up close and personal with her pet snakes. And absolutely loves it.

She knows exactly how to feed each one. Each snake has a different style of eating and she has to tailor her approach to them. She’s certainly got more courage than us – there’s no way you’d get us this close to a snake…

She doesn’t have to feed a giant python – luckily for her – but this isn’t without its dangers. So it’s a good job she’s been well taught.

Take a look:

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