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    Quick-Thinking 3 Year-Old Saves Pregnant Mom’s Life In The Most Incredible Way!

    Somerset, England. A smart little three year-old girl saved her heavily-pregnant mother’s life after she fell down a flight of stairs and lost consciousness. Not only was it a danger to the mom, falls of this nature can lead to premature births and miscarriages, so what the girl did was vitally important. She coolly and calmly called the emergency services and clearly explained what had happened, gave her address and waited with her mom. She potentially saved her life.

    Little Emma Bazzard was on the phone telling the operator the situation for a full eleven minutes – at no point crying or becoming flustered. She was so brave.

    “I do not recall a great deal about the incident, but by all accounts Emma was absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable and calm,” proud mom Catherine says. “I think this highlights how important it is to teach your child how to call 999 because they are never too young to put what they’ve learnt into practice. I couldn’t be more proud of Emma and am really pleased that the ambulance service is presenting her with a certificate.”

    Here’s that call in full. It really is quite staggering how this three year-old girl did this…


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