This Simple Tool Could Well Keep You Alive… Make Sure You Pack One Next Time You Camp


When you’re out camping in the woods, chances are – you’ll have a whole heap of fun. But there’s always a chance, especially deep in the woods, that you might come in contact with a dangerous predator. Now, if you’re out on a hunting trip and you’ve got your wits about you, your gun will be nearby. But what if you’re just out to enjoy a few songs around the campfire? Well, now there’s something to help protect you and your family.

It’s called the Compact Folding Survival Bow and it’s made by a firm called Primal Gear Unlimited. It’s a fully functioning bow and arrow set-up that’s as big as a normal bow, but folds up small and neat. So you can pack it and not even have to think about it. It’s lightweight and packs a real punch!

This thing, despite being fold-up, is incredibly accurate and packs a real punch. It’s super-portable but seems to suffer none from that fact. In short – it’s pretty awesome! Check it out: