It’s Real… Meet The Strange But Beautiful Sea Creature That Can KILL!


When you first catch sight of one of the creatures we’re about to show you, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it wasn’t real. It’s too weird, too brightly-colored… And you’d also be tempted to think it was an as-yet-undiscovered type of Pokémon or something. But no. This thing is real. And its name? The Blue Dragon.

Obviously, it’s not a real ‘dragon’ (sorry Game of Thrones fans, but they’re not real). It’s, weirdly, a type of sea slug and it’s known in Latin as Glaucus atlanticus. They float on the surface of the water, camouflaged and hidden in plain sight from their predators. But they’ve a deadly venom…

But the very weirdest thing about the Blue Dragon? Its feeding habits… They eat Portuguese Man o’ War’s particularly painful and nasty venom. They munch on the stinging cells of jellyfish, but also use it to top up their own venom!

Weird Fish

These things pack a punch too. Their venom isn’t something to laugh about. They may be small and pretty, but the effects of their venom include: intense burning, severe hives, and dark, irreparably damaged patches of skin that feel like they’re on fire. They can kill larger fish too.

Weird Fish

Nature. Full of absolute beauty. And nightmarish visions. Watch out for the Blue Dragon. They’re not as nice as they look…

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