How To Make Your Own DIY All Night Campfire with Just ONE Log!


When you’re next out somewhere camping, whether you and your co-campers are outdoors in the woods or just camped outside in your own backyard, we think you should try this cool life hack out for a roaring campfire all night long. There’s a little effort and prep work involved to begin with, but it’s worth it if you don’t require a massive bonfire, and just want to warm up and cook dinner.

In the video you’re about to see, YouTube type Doogly shows us all how to make a Swedish torch, aka a Swedish candle/Canadian candle/Swedish fire torch/Swedish log stove, just with a quick go of a chainsaw. Instead of throwing any fire wood into your fire, take one big log and make two long cuts. These cuts need to be deep, and form an X on the top…

For the rest of the instructions (they’re so simple), watch the video. We think this is an awesome idea and we’re excited to try it. We just had to share the idea too, it’s just so cool! Check it out: