He Finds A Crack On His Car’s Windshield. How He Fixes It Is Absolutely Genius


Chipped windshields are a pain. You don’t want to pay a fortune to get them fixed, but you also know if you leave it, it will get worse, and eventually you will have to buy an entire new piece of glass. If only there was an easy way to fix it yourself at home, eh?

Well now there is! ChrisFix is a YouTuber who releases videos helping people to fix their car at home for very little money. In the clip below, he teaches us how to mend chipped and cracked windshields, using just a few easily attainable pieces of hardware and a handful of household items.

Using just a syringe, some resin, an old towel, and a few other items, he shows you how to turn your crack into a barely visible speck. It’s perfectly safe afterwards, and will save you a couple of hundred dollars at least!