She Makes This Beautiful Pillow Case Without A Needle Or Thread – This Is AMAZING!


Pillows. Simple, comfy, useful. They can liven up any room. But can prove expensive. Whether you buy them in or make your own. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create your own quickly and easily, without fuss or sewing machines or anything? Well, with a certain way of folding fabric, you can do just that!

By using an ancient yet brilliant Japanese technique called ‘furoshiki‘, you too can create your own amazing DIY pillow shams without even a needle and thread. Once you’ve mastered thi elegant solution, you wont be able to stop making pillow cases! Hey, that’s everyone’s birthday and Christmas sorted for the next few years, huh?!

We love this. These cool little tips and tricks are exactly the kind of life hacks we enjoy here at Daily Digest. And we’re sure you’ll dig this too. And maybe even try it out… Good luck!