She Tosses Baking Soda All Over Her Bed… 30 Minutes Later? Something Amazing Happens!


Ah, bed. You gotta love it, right? Right. There’s nothing quite like lying down in bed after a hard day and just catching some Z’s. We spend a third on our lives in bed. Asleep. Sweating into our mattresses. Yuck, think about it. The average person sweats up to a half pint of night too. And sheds over 1.5lbs of skin…

But, unfortunately, we can’t just throw our mattresses in the washer/dryer, can we? Cleaning it can be tricky. But it turns out there are a few tricks and tips you can employ. Melissa Maker of Clean My Space is here to tell you just how to clean a mattress. And her life hacks are hugely useful!

All you really need is some baking soda. Don’t worry if you’ve not got any – baby powder or similar will work just as effectively. This is a fantastic idea we can’t believe we never hear d about before. Check it out!