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    John Cena And His Wrestler Girlfriend Are RIDICULOUSLY Competitive With Each Other!

    In any relationship, it’s natural that two people who are close and spend lots of time together will become competitive. Brothers and sisters, friends, colleagues… Even partners. In fact, especially partners. If you’ve got a significant other, you’ll know what we’re talking about here. Mini rivalries and competitions and silly things like that.

    This is all the more true when the two in the relationship happen to be professional sportspeople. And when they’re WWE wrestlers? Well, you can bet that the competition is FIERCE! And that’s exactly the way it is with John Cena and his wrestler girlfriend Nikki Bella. Both WWE stars, they take any opportunity they can to try and out-do each other!

    E! followed the pair as they got seriously competitive with each other for their hit TV show, Total Divas. There’s nothing they won’t try to beat each in: go karting, crazy golf, baseball, ‘ice ball’, and even beer pong!


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