Cute Little Girl Mistakes Stranger For Santa… And He Just Goes Along With It!


Hurricane, Putnam County, West Virginia. A little girl called Sophie and her family are out and about catching up on a bit of Christmas shopping. When all of a sudden, the wee girl notices someone out of the corner of her eye. The most Christmassy person you could ever hope to meet… Santa Claus himself! But this is no store grotto. It’s not even the real Santa. It’s just a guy with a beard!

Admittedly, in defense of the little kid, the guy sure does look like like Saint Nick. He’s a big jolly-looking fella with a portly belly, white hair and an impressive white beard. But ‘Santa’ doesn’t shoot her down in flames. In fact, he goes along with it. Because, well, it’s Christmas! Why break her little heart? This dude does an amazing impression of the big man too…

This is just the cutest Christmas moment EVER! You’ll enjoy this. It’s just too adorable.