He Shows You How To Open A Padlock With 2 Wrenches And It’s So Easy!


If you’re anything like us, you’re probably losing tiny little objects all the time. Big keys like house and car keys, we’re fine with. We never lose them. But those itsy-bitsy little thin keys for padlocks and things? We can’t seem to keep hold of them. Well, next time you lose a key to one of these locks, don’t panic or call out a locksmith or start up a chainsaw/flamethrower – try this excellent life hack!

All you need to get into your keyless lock is a couple of old nut wrenches from your toolbox. It’s perfectly simple, but an excellent little tip to remember. Not only is it handy to know for your own reference, it shows that a lot of padlocks aren’t quite as secure as you might think they are, so you may wish to bear that in mind.

This handy little video talks you through it. Knowledge is power… We LOVE stuff like this!