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    She Bought Tension Rods But Didn’t Use Them For Her Curtains… I Wish I’d Heard About This Before!

    Tension rods for the home are usually used for just one purpose, aren’t they? You use them as curtain rods. They’re preferable in many ways to the traditional curtain rod in that you need not drill a load of holes and make a huge mess with screws and things. Which is great news for renters or people who have no DIY skills!

    But there are other uses for tension rods, too, you know. We’ve only just found out about these and we’re think they’re pretty cool…

    Let’s start with this – a clever idea for the play room…

    Uses For Tension Rods


    Great for pots and pans!

    Uses For Tension Rods


    Make a shoe rack.

    Uses For Tension Rods


    Make a den for the kids!

    Uses For Tension Rods


    Cleaning products often come in clumsily-shaped bottles that take up space in your cupboards. A tension rod will help with it…

    Uses For Tension Rods


    Keep your craft paper easily reachable but out of sight.

    Uses For Tension Rods


    Cool ribbon storage for crafty types.

    Uses For Tension Rods


    Section off your pantry to help sort, organize and create storage space.

    Uses For Tension Rods


    Cordon off areas of the house to prevent young children and pets from roaming too far.

    Uses For Tension Rods

    Pretty useful, huh? Who knew?!


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