When She Gave Birth To Black Triplets They Were Shocked – But For An Unexpected Reason!


Rachel and Aaron Halbert are evangelical Christians who were trying for a baby together. They come from very different backgrounds. Rachel from rural Mississippi, Aaron – weirdly – from Honduras. A white guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, he was the only white child in his town growing up. And he and Rachel feel that this mixed-race living situation is good for someone when growing up.

They tried and tried, but soon realized that they couldn’t conceive. Undeterred, they decided to adopt an embryo and try for a child that way. The pro-life couple then took the unusual step of specifically requesting that the embryo be from a black mother…

After a happy pregnancy, Rachel gave birth. She was expecting twins. But the kicker? It turned out to be triplets! What a shocker And extra punctuation to an already incredible story! Find out more about the Halbert’s story right here: