The Money Saving Video That Car Repair Shops Don’t Want You To See!


Automobile dents are a pain in the backside. Whether they’re from misjudged parking efforts, driving down graveled roads or losing control of your shopping trolley, they seem to be an unavoidable part of owning a car. They’re also incredibly expensive to fix. We have to take our vehicles to auto repair shops, who’ll charge us hundreds of dollars for a 30 second procedure. Most of us don’t even bother. Look at your average car and it’ll be covered in small dents.

But now, a video has emerged that shows you how to repair small dents using just a hair-dryer and compressed air. Simply heat the area with the dryer for 10-20 seconds before immediately spraying the ice cold compressed air and – ‘pop’ – the dent is no more. The explanation? Incredibly simple. The heat from the dryer heats the metal, causing it to expand, then the cold air causes it to immediately contract, and the dent pops right out.

Watch the video below.