He’s Just Found Out His Daughter’s Pregnant. See What He Does When He Thinks Nobody’s Looking


It’s the dream of most parents – that our kids will grow up and one day come home and tell us we’re going to be grandparents. It’s a very special moment in our lives, and a joyous moment many of us have yet to experience. For the couple in this video, that special day is today. They walk into a room and see that the wall holds some not-so-subtle clues that their beloved daughter has arrived home with the best news in the world. Mom is overjoyed. Dad? Well he just takes it in his stride. He’s the man of the house, after all. As mom goes running off to congratulate her daughter and her partner, dad stay behind to take another look at the wall.

And then this happens:

It’s special little moments like this that make life worth living. What a beautiful reaction from a proud father and soon to be even prouder grandfather. Here’s to your new grandkid, pops! Looks like you can’t wait to meet them!