Cheater Gets The Ultimate Karma On Their Wedding Day… OUCH!


Relationships are built on trust. It’s the very foundations of a successful bond between two people. Cheating on your partner fundamentally breaks that trust. There’s an unwritten rule – you don’t stray. Unless you’re married in which case that rule very much is written…

You have to feel sorry for anyone who has been cheated on. It’s a heart-breaking thing to discover your partner’s doing. But we feel especially sorry for the poor woman (well, women) in this clip below who discover that their partner is a cheating scumbag – in the most incredible way.

The main girl here suspects her partner is carrying on and calls in the TV show Cheaters in to investigate. They find out he has another girl on the side. And that he’s going to marry her! Watch as he gets caught cheating… On his wedding day!

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