Family Free Pregnant Teen From Coffin… The Day AFTER Her Funeral!


Honduran Neysi Perez was found dead in her home by her crestfallen husband, Rudy Gonzales. He rushed her to hospital anyway, desperate and clinging onto the hope that she might be revived by doctors. On reaching the hospital, Neysi was pronounced dead. She was just 16 years old. And three months pregnant. Rudy was, understandably, shocked and heartbroken.

The teenager had apparently suffered a panic attack outside her home in La Entrada after a bout of gunfire in the notoriously violent country. She began foaming at the mouth and collapsed before being discovered. A few days later she was buried in a mausoleum in La Entrada General Cemetery.

Neysi Perez

The next day, her family went to pay their respects once more. But when they looked into the glass viewing pane to see her, they were stunned. The glass had been smashed and Neysi’s fingers were bloodied from an attempt to claw out…

So they frantically smashed the concrete tomb to get her out.

Neysi Perez

They rushed her to the same hospital, but despite everyone’s best attempts, she was definitely dead this time. Poor Neysi had woken up in her coffin somehow. Her affliction had given the impression of death and put her in some kind of coma. Only for her to wake up some days later. But perhaps the shock being buried alive ultimately killed her…

A truly shocking story. We’ve never heard anything like it…

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