If You See This On Your Parked Car, It’s Not Good Luck…


St. Louis County, Missouri. What would you say to a free $100 bill left on your windscreen? Imagine coming back to your parked car to see a clean, crisp banknote there. What would you do? Take it, right? Right. But it could be a decision you immediately regret…

A Facebook post from woman in Jefferson County has apparently ‘set off alarm bells’ in the throughout the state and panicked some holiday shoppers. The reason? She tells of being the victim of a unique scam which is tempting and catching out people across the state. When the driver opens their door to retrieve the $100, they’re jumped by car jackers and their vehicles are stolen.

The Maryland Attorney General reports that the scam started in the north east around this time last year. And now it’s happening in St. Louis. And spreading to the rest of the country.

$100 Dollar Bill Car Jacking Scam

Scary stuff. You shouldn’t be overly alarmed, but it is something that you need to know about. Watch this news report video to find out more and stay safe this Holiday season:

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