Baby Can’t Contain Herself When Daddy Sings Her A Lullaby

The bond between a parent and child is like no other. When a new mom or dad claps eyes on their brand new baby boy or girl, that love is immediate, unwavering and cannot be compromised. It’s a bond for life. And we’ve got some beautiful proof of that here with a dad singing a lullaby to his baby.

As he sweetly croons Joe Cocker‘s ballad, ‘You Are So Beautiful’, the response of his little daughter is just wonderful. She’s absolutely transfixed by him! It’s a fantastic demonstration of fatherly love and the bond between child and dad.

They’re a blessing. Whether it’s a nice easy labor or you give birth to a baby in a car, the unconditional love between parent and child is something scared to behold. Have a look at a marvelous example…