6 Year-Old Boy Uses Pocket Money To Take His Mom Out ‘On A Date’ Every Month

Pocket Money

Former 16 and Pregnant reality TV star Nikkole Paulun‘s six year-old son is hitting the headlines. But why is little Kyle making the news? Well, it’s all down to his selfless nature and generosity of spirit. Nikkole has revealed that he saves up all his pocket money, but not for the latest toys or anything… no, he saves his cash so he can spoil his mom! That’s right, Kyle takes out his mother on dates. Once a month, every month.

Paulun told the world about it on social media. Here’s what the Facebook message says: “Once a month my 6 year old son takes me out on a dinner date. He opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, talks about his day & asks me how mine was, pays the bill with money he earned by doing chores, and even tips the waiter/waitress. By doing this I am teaching him how to treat a lady & how to take her on a proper date. How to show that he respects the woman he loves (right now that would be mommy).”

“We put our phone and iPad away (except to take this photo) and sit and talk to each other about our days, things we want to do, etc. I’m teaching him proper table manners and that it’s rude to sit on your phone on a date with your mom or with anyone else. He learns the value of money and how to manage it.”

Pocket Money

She continues: “He learns how to do math as we add up what we want and make sure we have 15% of it to leave for a tip. Yes he is young but I believe this is something he should learn now. It’s never too early to teach your child how to properly respect others, especially women.”

As a woman who has been abused & treated like crap in the past, it’s extremely important to me that I teach my son how to show respect. Too many men these days have no idea how to treat women or how to take them on a nice date. It’s nice to know my son won’t be one of them.”

Pocket Money

How sweet, huh?!