DIY Enthusiast Turns Six Coke Bottles Into An AWESOME Homemade Gatling Gun


Weapons enthusiast and DIY all-rounder Joerg Sprave is a German known on the internet a little for his rubber band-based slingshot/crossbow-type contraptions. But it turns out that’s he’s highly skilled in making all sorts of other weapon-y things too. And that’s where the strange-looking, but pretty cool, ‘Coke Bottle Gatling Gun comes in…

The mechanics of the thing are actually relatively simple. Six Coke bottles are tied together almost as chambers for a large revolver. Except, in accordance with strict German gun laws, he makes sure it’s not made for the arrows to shoot ‘like bullets’. Anyway, each bottle serves as a reservoir for air, which is pressurized by a bike pump. The airflow on the way out is regulated by a little valve. When it’s released it shoots out the barrel where the arrow sits.

In other words, it’s a Coke bottle Gatling gun! And it’s nothing less than awesome. And Joerg’s a fun guy to spend time with, so you’re gonna love this video!

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