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    Confrontational ‘Fat Shaming’ Video Shocks The Internet – The Backlash? INTENSE!

    Not many people outside her immediate friends and family and small fan base knew who Nicole Arbour was until very recently, but after she posted a idea online addressing the concept of ‘fat shaming’, she’s now a name on everyone’s lips… The Canadian comedian has caused a massive controversy with her tongue-in-cheek, though aggressive, barbs aimed at the ‘plus size community’. And the backlash was immediate. And huge!

    Amongst her fans, Arbour is known for her opinionated rants and isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues. And it was the biggest issue of all… Obesity – that’s upset so many people. So many complaints were made that YouTube even took down the video. It’s back up now and it’s splitting people right down the middle, stirring a huge debate.


    See the rumpus for yourself. And see what you think. Is Nicole Arbour using tired and lazy stereotypes to attack a vulnerable section of society that she doesn’t understand and is already targeted? Or is she right to point out that being overweight isn’t the same as being disabled or gay? That ‘bigger’ people don’t have the right to be annoyed when they’re treated differently?

    You decide…


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