WATCH: This Crying Cow Is Terrified Of Going To Slaughter, But Just Watch Where They Take Her


It’s tempting to just assume that animals don’t have the same kind of feelings and emotions that we have just because they’re not human. And while they may not experience jealousy or embarrassment or schadenfreude or any or the more complex emotions we do, to claim that they cannot feel is just laughable. And flat out wrong.

We’ve proof of that here as we meet Emma the cow, a German bovine who is terrified of slaughter. Seeing her crying as she’s loaded up into one of the trucks that takes the cow to the abattoir is just heart-wrenching. She knows what’s coming… Or does she? Actually, it turns out that Emma is getting a reprieve… The Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg sanctuary have actually adopted her. She’ll be living out the rest of her long life as a dairy cow!

Wherever you stand on meat and eating animals, you cannot deny that all animals deserve our respect. Let’s watch this story and give thanks for animals across the world. They help us in so many ways.

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