This Elephant’s Caretaker Hits The Ground… But Just Watch What The Elephant Does


‘Thongsri’ is a seventeen year-old elephant who lives in a sanctuary in Chiang Mai in Thailand. She’s become very attached to her caretaker at the nature and rehabilitation center and will do anything to look after or protect him. It’s actually quite a natural trait amongst elephants as she’ll think than her carer is one of her herd.

It seems strange to see the little test that the volunteers at Chiang Mai set up to demonstrate Thongsri’s loyalty and protective nature. A pretend attack is staged, with a colleague play-fighting with the man and pushing him to the ground. The elephant’s reaction? Swift and decisive!

Watch the incredible video here and be jealous… Imagine how amazing it would be to have a big, strong elephant pal who’d do anything to stand up for you. You’d be invincible! Check it out: