Worried Parents Can’t Believe What Doctors Pull Out Of Their Baby’s Neck


It was early one Saturday morning and Aaron and Emma Whittington were playing with their seven month-old baby daughter Mya when they noticed a red mark on her neck, just below her ear. Concerned, they investigated, but were left at a loss to explain it. So they did what any sensible and concerned couple of parents would do and they took her to see a doctor.

At the emergency room, little Mya was taken in for tests and stayed in overnight. Aaron and Emma just assumed it’d be a gland thing, but in the morning? The bump had doubled in size. And had a pimple-like head. The doctors identified it as an infection, but could do much more. Until they noticed a fiber protuding. Which they pulled at, much to wee Mya’s distress.

What they pulled out of her neck shocked EVERYONE!

Feather in baby

“The doctor was like, ‘It’s a feather!’” Aaron says. “And we’re like, ‘What do you mean it’s a feather?’ And she showed us.”

Feather in baby

Mya had either swallowed of inhaled it and her little body had rejected it by pushing it out. It’s unusual but not entirely unheard of. Especially in small children.

Here’s a news report about the incredible story…