When They Spotted A Pale Frightened Face At The Window They Couldn’t Guess What Would Happen…


A man sees a mysterious face at the window of his neighbor’s house. It looks like the ghost of a girl. He’s concerned and so telephones the police. Officer Mark Holste investigates. And finds something truly shocking…

It wasn’t a ghost. It was a little girl, though. A poor little child who had been abused, malnourished and mistreated.

Holste says this about his discovery: “When I entered the room, her eyes widened. She opened her mouth and then crawled sideways, like a crab, to the corner, pulled her knees to her chin, and wrapped her arms around them. Then she started making grunting noises.”


The house was filthy. Animal waste, cockroaches and an almighty stench. This was no environment for a child.


The girl, six year-old Danielle, was wearing a diaper and couldn’t speak. She was like a six month-old in a six year-old’s body. Her development was extremely stunted.


She was to be taken into care and adopted. With her mother being sentenced to two years of house arrest and three years of probation.


Diane and Bernie Lierows took Danielle in. Her recovery has been slow and painful, but she’s getting there…


Here’s more on Danielle’s horrific story from Oprah:

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