Doctor Tackles GIANT CYST And It’s Sure To Remind You Of The Movie ‘Alien’!


Zits. We all get them from time to time. Pimples can be annoying. But they normally go after a few days, don’t they? Yeah. Well, most do. Some linger. And, in extreme cases, never go. In fact, there are plenty of cases of these spots just getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER!

Dr. Sandra Lee is a specialist in dealing with giant zits, pimples, lumps, bumps and cysts. And ‘The Pimple Popper‘ is at it again with this man from Chicago. He was so eager for Dr. Lee to examine him and help him out that he caught a train from Chi-Town to her surgery in California for treatment on his ‘epidermal cyst‘. Now that’s dedication. And we’re sure he was happy he did – she sorted everything out for him!

It might not be pretty, but it’s weirdly fascinating watching. See if you can stomach it for yourself. It’s like the ‘Chestburster’ scene from the sci-fi movie Alien! Have a look:

See what we mean about it being like that scene from Ridley Scott’s Alien…?

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