These 15 Teachers Have The Funniest Ways Of Dealing With Their Students

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Teaching is hard. You have to constantly educate and inspire your students through learning, which is not always the most exciting of mediums. Keeping their attention for five minutes is tough enough, let alone 15 years! So the good teachers constantly come up with new ideas of engaging their pupils. And one of the best ways of doing this is through humor. Everyone remembers the fun teachers. No-one recalls the miserable ones. Studies have shown that introducing humor into learning greatly increases its effectiveness.

Here we have 15 teachers who have introduced humor to their teaching, marking and discipline. I think you’ll agree that school would have been a lot more fun if we’d been taught by these guys!

1. You’ll never steal teacher’s pencils again!

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2. Pluto. Gone but not forgotten.

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3. Brutal!

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4. Marking, Beyonce-style

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5. Eyes off the clock!

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6. He won’t forget his pen again

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7. Clearly an art connoisseur 

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8. Wild at heart

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9. Don’t even try and tell me you weren’t asleep

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10. Science through memes

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11. I’m thirsty

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12. Her and Jupiter got in going on

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13. Maths meets Tolkein

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14. SNAP!

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15. He knows

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