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    New Research Claims That Going Down On Women Is Good For Your Health

    Research carried out by the State University of New York recently suggested that B.J’s can have a whole host of health benefits. The news had men everywhere celebrating. But it seems that women also have cause for joy now as some parallel research conducted suggests that going down on a woman has plenty of its own advantages, for both men and women.

    The research monitored more than 150 straight and lesbian couples, 75 of which were told to concentrate heavily on oral in their carnal lives, 75 of which were told to not to. The results show a notable difference in stress and anxiety levels, as well as sleep quality and intimacy levels (in and out of the bedroom).

    Woman getting oral services

    The health benefits can be very real, though. Going down encourages her to produce hormones like oxytocin and DHEA, which have been proven to have protective effects against diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

    The research also points to the sedative effect of the release of oxytocin and other endorphins, meaning it’s the perfect way to encourage sleep for those that suffer from insomnia or restless nights. The study additionally claims that these hormones can even relieve migraine headaches.

    All these health benefits are there for the person performing the act too, so it’s good for both of you!

    Woman getting oral services

    Of course, there are other benefits as well. For many women, climaxes are not achievable through penetration and sustained clitoral stimulation is required. And there’s no easier way to achieve that than with the mouth and tongue.

    Premature climaxing is the most common nocturnal dysfunction for men and up to 25% of guys will suffer from it at some point. Experts and psychologists recommend going down on the woman as the ideal way to lengthen the intimate experience and effectively ‘buy time’.

    Woman getting oral services

    So there you have it. It’s safe, it’s good for you and it’s fun. So why not share this post and then head straight to the bedroom…? You know, for your health!

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