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    He Thought This Homeless Man Was Harming His Business. What He Discovers Is Precisely The Opposite!

    Never judge a book by its cover. There are two sides to every story. Things are not always as they seem. Etc etc. These may all be cliches, but they are certainly true, as the following video will testify to.

    This man is sick of a homeless man hanging around outside his shop. Every morning, as he opens the shutters, he finds him, unwashed and smelly, sleeping by the door. He thinks that the homeless man’s presence is affecting his business, so he tries everything to keep him away. He throws water on him. He hits him. He kicks him. He swears at him.

    Then one day, the homeless man simply disappears. Day after day, the shopkeeper opens up only to find his former adversary missing.

    Homeless man

    Concerned about the man’s plight, the shopkeeper decides to consult his CCTV. What he discovers changes his perception of the man completely. Why? Watch the video below.


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