He Pours Salt On The Beach… Seconds Later? He’s Caught Something Weird For Dinner!


Sword Sands in Langstone Harbour near Portsmouth in England. It’s a beach like any other and it provides the setting for this easy little tutorial video on how to catch razor clams. The clip has racked up an incredible 18 MILLION views so far! And it’s all down to the sheer simplicity and for the fact that it’s something we can all try next time we’re at the beach…

Have you ever seen little holes in the sand at the beach? You might have and just never noticed. Well, chances are – they’re hiding little razor clams or razorfish. Vertically-placed sheelfish that can hide in sand, they’re delicious. And easy to catch too!

All you need is table salt. Seriously – that’s it. Fishing doesn’t have to be all about the rod, reel and line, you know. It’s about using whatever you can lay you hands to to bag your catch!

Check it out: