These ‘Booby Trap Bras’ Give Women Quick Access To A Knife


Last year, Jennifer Cutrona was training for a marathon. She was out running in a woodland near her home in Texas when she was ambushed and assaulted by an assailant. She had her headphones in and was caught unawares. After recovering from the terrifying attack, Cutrona became determined to help stop similar things from happening again.

So she set about inventing an equalizer. Something to give women a way to fight back went caught unawares in situations like the one she found her in. She invented the Booby Trap Bra. It’s a bra with a secret compartment for holding a weapon in. Choose between a small knuckleduster-looking blade or a small canister of pepper spray.

The ‘Just in Case Knife Bra’ is available for $54.99 (knife sold separately)  and the ‘Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra’ sells for $49.99…