Officers Ask Men Who Had Sexually Abused Women to Protect Future Attacks, But No One Expected This

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No-one is to blame for rape or sexual assault except the perpetrator. That is clear as day. If you suggest that women shouldn’t wear short skirts or travel alone, you’re a victim blaming douchebag who needs to have a serious word with yourself. But, sadly, we do live in a dangerous world, and we do have to take precautions. We lock our doors at night, shut windows when we go out, and so on.

A detective in the States has come up with a series of precautionary steps that women can take to minimize their risk of being a victim of rape or sexual assault. And this advice should be good, as it’s based on speaking to convicted sex offenders themselves about the methods they use.

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So there you have it. Stay alert, have a healthy amount of suspicion towards strangers, and fight back.