She stands with her back to the audience. Now WATCH her legs when she spins around — WOW!


Ksenia Parkhatskaya, a Ukrainian dancer and model, is almost single-handedly bringing 1920s American culture to Eastern Europe. Dressed head to toe as a Flapper – the iconic young, females of the Jazz Age – she specializes in dances of that era, such as the Charleston and the Lindy Hop.

Recently, Ksenia showed up at an audition for Танцуют Вси 5, the Ukrainian equivalent of So You Think You Can Dance? At first, the judges seemed unsure about her, but as soon as she started dancing, their jaws dropped, and she subsequently sailed through to the next round.

Unfortunately, due to a scheduling clash, Ksenia was not able to perform in the second round of auditions. However, she’ll always have this moment of magic to look back on. If you’d like to learn how to dance just like Ksenia, you can visit her website here.