He Builds A Bed For The Back Yard… But The Mattress? Weirdly Genius!


There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a nice day and laying down on the grass, is there? That’s what Aussie DIY and gardening expert Jason Hodges thinks and we’re inclined to agree with him. Granted, for a lot of us, the weather isn’t all that great at the moment. But Spring is coming and we’re looking forward to getting a little sun in soon.

But what if you don’t have a lawn or grassy garden in which to kick back on and wait for the sun’s rays? Well, there is an option for you. And Jason wants to talk you through what it’s all about. The idea is a ‘grass day bed‘. An outside bed with grass as the comfy mattress. Sounds silly? Well, just wait until you see the finished article… You’ll soon change your mind!

He shows you exactly how to assemble your very own grass day bed and even how to care and look after it (you only needs some nice sharp garden shears). This is a fantastic idea that you’re sure to love. See for yourself: