This Schoolgirl’s Late For Class So She Parkours Herself Out Of Trouble!


Parkour is a French training discipline which evolved from the  classic military obstacle course. Its aim is to get a person from one point to another – usually in a complex, obstacle-filled environment (sometimes urban) – in as quick and efficient way as possible. You’re running, vaulting, jumping, landing, hanging, rolling, skipping, pacing up walls, all sorts. It’s a risky pasttime best only attempted by professionals…

Oh, and Japanese schoolgirls, apparently. You see, the girl in the video below is late for school. But instead of facing the potential trouble she’d get in were she to stroll through the front gates, she decides to come up with another way into the classroom. Parkour. She goes to scale the building from the outside and shimmy and climb her way up.

Do NOT try this at home… Or at school. Or pretty much anyway, okay?!