Underprivileged Kids Choose Between 2 Gifts – One THEY Want And One Their Parents Want


The levels of poverty in America are pretty shocking. You’d think for a developed industrial country, the US would be able to support all of its inhabitants easily, but it’s not the case. Many millions live in poverty. Like the kids that attend the Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Club. The Georgia-based youth club and charity did some recent research that suggests that almost 85% of their members are living below the bread line and are really struggling.

So many of the children in the club have so little. So given the opportunity to have anything in the world…? They’d snap it up, right? Right. But would that choice be affected by the option to take a present for their presents instead…? What do you think? Well, UPtv decided to find out with this simple yet effective little test. Two gifts. Once choice. Do you take the things you want more than anything else in the world or do you help out Mom or Dad?

Christmas is a time for giving, not receiving, so we all know which way we want this to go. But how does it actually unfold? Let’s watch and find out if the kids are focused on their own gift or have the idea to help out their parents…

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