These Bugs Are Invading America – If You Get Bit By One Call 911 Right Away


Kissing bugs, aka ‘triatomine‘, are deadly bloodsuckers that can kill. Ranging from 15 – 25mm in size, they’re usually dark in color and feed on mammals such as dogs and raccoons. Oh, and humans. They carry a lethal parasite about them known as Chagas, which is particularly dangerous to us humans. In actual fact, the kissing bug kills more than 12,500 people each year. Worse yet? They’re all over the United States.

Chagas Disease affects up to eight million people worldwide. Symptoms include fever, body aches swollen glands, an enlargement of the liver or spleen and intense vomiting. It can damage your heart, nervous system and digestive system. In a nutshell, it’s bad news.

These killer insects are attracted by lights, heat and carbon dioxide, so they love our hot breathing bodies. If you don’t kissing bugs at home (and you don’t…) close all exterior doors and repairing any cracks in windows or doors… This illuminating video tells you more. Knowledge is power, folks.

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