This Wise Mom’s Letter To Her Daughter About Growing Old Is So Touching


Growing up and growing old can be a strange thing, can’t it? From the very day we’re born, we walk down a long old path to becoming elderly and, eventually, shuffling off this mortal coil. It is all part of being human, isn’t it? It can be scary, sure. For both the person growing old and the families, but hey – we must face up to it sooner or later.

Getting old is not without its downsides, after all. Sure, retirement means we can kiss goodbye to work. But senility is a real risk as we hit our advanced years. Forgetfulness, feelings of loneliness and being out of the loop. It helps to be ready and prepared. For the older person and the their surrounding family.

This touching letter demonstrates just why it’s important to bear the aging process in mind as people’s behavior might change. It’s written by a mom to her letter and needs to be read by everyone, we think… Have a read:

Letter Letter Letter

Makes you think, huh?