These Photos Of Kids’ Mishaps Will Have You In Stitches!

Child 5

Kids eh? Forever getting into mischief and making us laugh. Whether it’s unfortunate accidents or deliberate horseplay, we have a tendency to forgive our children for wreaking havoc because, well, it’s just so darn funny! You all know what kind of thing I’m talking about. You walk into the kitchen to find little Frank decorating the walls with his crayons. You want to be angry with him, but you can’t!

Below we showcase 22 photos of kids in hilarious, and unfortunate, situations. Prepare to laugh!

1. “I just wanted a biscuit!”

Child 1

2. Never flush the toilet whilst you’re still sat on it.

Child 22

3. “I couldn’t eat the whole bowl so I thought I’d share it with the floor.”

Child 21

4. Good job he doesn’t have a nut allergy.

Child 20


5. I assume that’s flour. Otherwise dad has some explaining to do.Child 19

6. “Mom, Dad. We’ve made you dinner!”

Child 18

7. “C’mon. That wall was really boring before.”

Child 17

8. “It’s just a tiny crack. You can hardly notice it.”

Child 16

9. “There’s nothing on anyway.”

Child 15

10. To be fair, the queues in the Apple Store are horrendous. You’ve got to do something to wile away the hours.

Child 14

11. “Just popping these cotton mice down the toilet, Dad.”

Child 13

12. “I’m tired!”

Child 12

13. “It’s really hot out there.”

Child 11

14. Strawberry jam FTW!

Child 10

15. I hope that wasn’t expensive. It was though, wasn’t it?

Child 9

16. “I’m a merchandiser. Trust me, they look a lot better on the floor.”

Child 8

17. “It’s full of cotton candy!”

Child 7

18. To be fair, they needed to introduce some color to that room.

Child 6

19. He’d finished reading them, clearly.

Child 5

20. I call it the reverse mohican.

Child 4

21. “We’re ghosts. Woooooo…”

Child 3

22. “It’s up here somewhere!”

Child 2