She Thinks Her Husband And Daughter Are Making Breakfast – When She Sees THIS… OMG!


The mom in the family you’re about to meet went into the kitchen one morning to find something truly surprising and heart warming. She knew that her husband and daughter were fixing up breakfast, but she never expected to find them having a wonderful little slow dance as they did it.

To the sounds of Ed Sheeran‘s beautiful little song, ‘Thinking Out Loud‘, Papa’s showing his young daughter a few moves on the dance/kitchen floor. He also shows a caring spirit that really shines through. When you see the interaction between the pair of them, you’ll know just how lucky this girl is to have a caring dad that’s not afraid to show his love for his family.

This really is a touching family moment and we can see just why Mom was so compelled to reach for her video camera and capture the moment for posterity for eternity. This is a clip this girl – and her parents – will come to cherish in future years, we know it is…

Watch what happened: