25 Year-Old Bride Didn’t Expect THIS Surprise From Her 80 Year-Old Husband On Their Wedding Night!

Old Man Young Wife

25 year-old Jenny marries Roger, an 80 year-old man. She decides they should have separate bedrooms because she’s worried that if they share a bed on their first night together, he may get too excited and have a heart attack or something.

It’s the night of the wedding and Jenny has got herself all ready for bed. She’s drifting off to sleep when Roger raps at the door. He’s ready for action! He creeps in, she welcomes him into bed and they consummate their marriage. Roger gets up and goes back to his own room.

Ten minutes later, he’s back and feeling amorous once more. He climbs into bed and they make love again. Jenny is impressed. Once again, he goes back to his room afterwards.

No sooner had he left was he back again. Jenny couldn’t believe it as they got down and dirty for a third time in an hour…

Old Man Young Wife

As Roger prepares to leave once more, Jenny turns to him and says, “you know, I’ve had much younger lovers than you and none of them could perform three times in a row like you – I’m so impressed!”

Roger puts his slippers on and looks at her, quizzically. “You mean, I’ve been in here before?!”