Amazing Video Captures Moment Orangutan Tries To Kiss Pregnant Lady’s Bump!


Jay Clarke and his heavily pregnant partner decided to go for a day out at the zoo. While they were walking around Colchester Zoo, in Essex, England – they decided to stop by the primates for a little while. And it was there they met Rajang the orangutan.

Rajang was instantly curious of the couple as they approached the enclosure. He went straight up to them and was seemingly fixated by the big ol’ bump on show. Pretty soon he’s even trying to give it a little kiss thorugh the glass!

But it’s not just a belly fixation that Rajang has. We reckon he knew that there was a baby inside. Why? Well, when Jay went up to they glass with his big stomach – Rajang wasn’t interested…

We don’t know how he knew. Was Mrs. Rajang pregnant too? We’re not sure. All we are certain of is that it sure makes for one adorable clip!