He Hears Barking Underground… And Finds Pregnant Dog Buried Alive


Last Friday in the Russian town of Voronezh, a few people noticed some strange noises near some stairs in a housing unit. Vadim Rustam and a few neighbors swore they heard muffled barking and the whimpers of a dog. But it seemed to be coming from below ground. They probably might have ignored the weird sounds had it not been for the fact that the bricks on the floor seemed to be freshly laid. So Vadim set to work.

He contacted authorities. But they wouldn’t act. So, he properly set to work. He excavated the floor himself and investigated. And he was so glad he did. Inside? A golden retriever dog that had been trapped for days. Bricked in, it was a hopeless cause unless someone was brave enough to dig her out. Once they got her out they realized that she was pregnant too…

And now she’s safe and well. What an amazing dog rescue! Well done, Vadim!