The Reason You Should Massage Your Feet Before You Go To Sleep…


Foot massages. Some of us love them, some of hate them. But whether you enjoy having your feet rubbed or not, you can’t deny that, ultimately, it’s pretty relaxing. But they’re pretty rare, aren’t they, foot massages? And with experts now telling us that the health benefits are bigger than we ever imagined – we’ve got to do something about it!

We can’t go pestering other people to get rubbing our feet every day, though. But what we can do is enjoy all the benefits by massaging our own feet! Yep, that’s right! Self foot massage is recommended by reflexologists and sports and medical professionals across the world.

Not only can it soothe foot pain, it can aid other ailments too. Plus it’s proven to relax you and help you fall asleep better. Which is great news from anyone suffering from a touch of insomnia! Watch this helpful tutorial video and find out more: