Tom Hanks Enters His Daughter In A Pageant. Now Watch What Happens When She Turns Around…


Tom Hanks has a quality that’s all too rare among Hollywood’s big stars – he doesn’t take himself too seriously. The Forrest Gump and Castaway Star is always quick to poke fun at himself, either during interviews, or through starring in comedy skits like the one below.

Tom was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, filming an interview to promote his latest movie, when the producers asked him to appear in a comedy skit that both gently ribbed the star, and mercilessly ridiculed the TLC reality show, Toddlers and Tiaras. The show had caused controversy for encouraging young children to dress and act provocatively, and the producers wanted to send that up. Tom jumped at the chance.

In the video, we see Hanks playing a pushy father preparing his daughter for the ‘Ultimate Sexy Baby Contest.’ He does her make up, sews her dresses and teaches her how to walk like a lady. It soon becomes clear that dad is far more interested in the pageantry than daughter, and the scene unfolds with great hilarity!