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    The ‘Mean Tweet’ Actors Edition Is Easily The Funniest One Yet!

    Jimmy Kimmel is usually pretty nice to his guests. He’s a good guy. But he doesn’t always make things totally comfortable for the famous faces that pop up on his show. Like when he gets them in front of a camera and makes them read out mean tweets about themselves. And it’s now a regular feature that seems to do well. Hey, we all love a little schadenfreude from time to time, don’t we?

    With the Oscars being held last night, Jimmy thought it’d be a good idea to put a special collection of Hollywood’s finest reading out such social media jibes and insults. And the results are freaking hilarious! Seeing the acting world’s most recognizable faces reading out horrid tweets and then reacting is brilliant!

    We see the likes of Sean Penn, Oscar Isaac, Susan Sarandon, Seth Rogen, Christoph Waltz, George Clooney, Eddie Redmayne, Seth Rogen and Emily Blunt all having to deal with the tweets. And it’s great value. See for yourself:


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