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    This Parking Lot Has Over 3,000 Abandoned Luxury Cars In It… The Reason Why Might Surprise You!

    Most people can only dream of owning a luxury car. Vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s an idea we can only imagine. So when people get enough cash together to buy a Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini – they’re going to look after it, aren’t they? Well, yeah. Most of the time…

    Incredibly, though – there’s a huge parking lot in the Middle East which has an incredible 3,000 abandoned luxury cars in it! Dubai is known as the world’s richest places. And with good reason. But just why are so many fancy supercars sitting there gathering dust? Let’s find out…

    Luxury Cars

    The parking lot is at an airport in the famous city. But it’s not just a case of forgetfulness. There’s a real reason why there are just so many cars being left in this way.

    Luxury Cars

    In a nutshell, the reason behind the cars is simple: Sharia Law.

    Luxury Cars

    The United Arab Emirates observes Sharia law. Under Sharia law, refusing to pay your debts is considered to be a criminal offence.

    Luxury Cars

    There’s no bankruptcy provision there. If you have trouble paying back any kind of debt, you go to prison.

    Luxury Cars

    So with such harsh rules, many failed businessman escape the country. And how do you do that? You drive to the airport and fly away!

    Luxury Cars

    This Ferrari Enzo here is said to be worth more than £1m!

    Luxury Cars

    Crazy, right? The recent dip in the world economy has seen many people struggle financially. Even in cash and oil rich places like Dubai.

    Luxury Cars

    Police are now impounding the majority of the vehicles.

    Luxury Cars

    We want one!


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