Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover To Ask People What They Think Of … Miley Cyrus!


The Jimmy Kimmel Show has been at it again. He’s already shown you what happens when kids think they are hooked up to a lie detector. Now, he wants to see what happens when you dress a famous and flamboyant celebrity in a disguise and send them onto the streets to interview the general public about themselves! His first ‘volunteer’ was the provocative clothes hater, Miley Cyrus. Donned in a brown wig, glasses and a gray trouser suit, Miley (as ‘Janet’) hit the streets of Hollywood to ask members of the public questions such as ‘What do you think of Miley’s music?’ and ‘If Miley was one of your daughters, would you let her out dressed the way she is?’

Things get fairly awkward, but Miley takes it all in her stride. Whilst it is undoubted that she dresses for attention, she clearly does not take herself to seriously, and can laugh at her own antics. Good for you Janet! Sorry, Miley!

Watch the video below.